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Are you concerned your child has a reading problem? Want to understand what grade level they are currently? This assessment delivered in person with Dr. Stone gives you the foundational assessment to determine what intervention makes sense to help your child achieve learning and reading.


—  William Parker III


Dr. Suki Stone teaches children and adults with dyslexia or reading challenges to read in 14 days. People benefit by becoming independent readers and achieve personal goals after receiving the Write Read Lead Program sessions.



An initial assessment, a pre-test is given to both children and adults who are enrolling in the Write Read Lead Program to determine a reading score before the 14-day sessions begin. The reading score is standardized to include rate, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. After the completion of the Write Read Lead Program, a post-test is given to determine the level of reading improvement.



  • Knowledge of reading levels before beginning sessions

  • Knowledge of strengths

  • Knowledge of weaknesses

  • Preparation of reading sessions

  • Assesses comprehension skills for each story


DAYS 1-10

Days 1-10 are stories created by students. Sessions last 1.5 hours. Each story is related to the student’s interest or passion. Each story is about 5 sentences. Each session includes dictation, writing, reading, vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling.


Mini-lessons are given with each session. These lessons teach particular skills such as compound words and contractions. When students use words that identify those skills in their stories, they are reviewed. The stories from their personal experiences provide a foundation for reading other author's work.



  • Recognition of personal knowledge

  • Recognition of fluency

  • All comprehension questions are answered correctly.

  • Self-confidence is increased after session one and continues throughout the rest of the sessions

  • Learn new vocabulary to use in writing

  • Practice using Roget’s International Thesaurus


DAYS 11-14

Students begin to read in an age-appropriate book of their choice. The book can be either fiction or nonfiction. The objective is to choose a book that they are interested in reading and may have had difficulty reading before the Write Read Lead Program. These sessions help the students transfer their knowledge of writing and reading their own stories to reading other author’s work. They experience reading independently as they have awareness of skills and fluency.



  • Confidence to read independently

  • Effectively comprehend material written by another author

  • Reading with improved fluency

  • Acquire Lifelong literacy skills

  • Become more confident with writing skills using new vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation